Are you having a invasive species control problem?

Invasive species control using eco-friendly goats of Maryland can take care of it for you!  Sustainability using goats saves the environment from harm.  Without pollinators crops can’t bear fruit, we don’t eat.  Rent goats and save the environment from at will use of herbicides.  We are responsible for the planet.

Goats can eat poison ivy

Invasive species control using goats is environmentally sustainable.

If left alone, invasive species take over our woodlands, strangling valuable trees and threatening important diversity.  Open grasslands and neighborhood backyards become overrun, creating a loss in land use, habitat for birds and other wildlife, and enjoyment of outdoor space.  Goats for grazing in Maryland is ideal along the watersheds and goats for grazing in Virginia helps to keep Virginia’s historic sites free from damage of herbicides.

When it comes to invasive species control renting Browsing Green Goats can provide an ideal alternative to machines and herbicides. They browse/graze in places that mowers can’t reach and humans don’t want to go (yes, goats can eat poison ivy).  In fact, goats eat a wide range of invasive species, which on the East Coast include Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, Kudzu, Oriental Bittersweet, Multiflora Rose, Japanese Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Knotweed, Phragmities and much much more.